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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Music: Uncle Reece | Until I Pass Out

New Music:
Uncle Reece | Until I Pass Out

Stumbling upon this song was possibly the best thing to happen to me on yesterday.
As a lover of music - it's great to hear God using young people to convert others to Christ in a unique way. While many may not be open to the sound, there are several who will identify and relate to the upbeat and soulful hip hop lyrics. Those are the people that are going to advance the kingdom, and bring people of a different background to Christ!

Uncle Reece is also the co-founder of "Without Jesus I Suck".

I'll be rocking a "Without Jesus I Suck" T-Shirt on my website very soon!

The message in this song is awesome!


xoxo, Carmen

Twitter | @UncleReece
YouTube Channel | UncleReeceTube
WJIS | Without Jesus I Suck

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