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Monday, September 2, 2013

30 Day Financial Fast

This month my Pastor introduced a "30 Day Financial Fast" for our church family. I have shared the fast with a few of my friends and close family members. However, I think we can all benefit from this fast. 
I hope you enjoy.

Remember commitment is key!

Details for Financial Fast
Through financial fasting we are exercising discipline in our spending and changing our mindset toward the way we handle our money. Get a journal and write down all the instructions for your financial fast and organize a plan and schedule before you begin. This is important because once the fast begins, you might try to convince yourself to quit. The schedule can then act as a contract you have made with the fast that you must keep. Remind yourself why you are doing the fast and remember that it is important.

• PRAY: daily for God to give you direction in managing your finances
• READ: books, blogs, & websites on financial empowerment
• SET FINANCIAL GOALS: Work toward paying down your highest bill first
• MAKE A COMMITMENT: Open up a savings account or deposit money into your existing savings account at every pay period
• SAVE: $5.00 a day if (you make a little more you can change this accordingly)
• PREPARE: a weekly budget for your household (only spend what you plan for)
• TRACK YOUR SPENDING: Write down all expenses (include everything i.e. gas, coffee, lunch, etc) – you will be surprised as to how much you spend in a week on these items.
• COOK: meals at home (as much as possible) – Limit dining out
• AVOID: using Credit Cards
• STAY AWAY: from Payday Loans & Check-Cashing stores
DO NOT: Go to the Mall
• NO: online shopping
• INVEST: in your children’s future… research ways to help your children understand fiscal responsibility and put them on a financial plan
• EXPECT: your “net worth” to grow, your “faith” to be stretched, and your “financial seeds” to reap a harvest!

Day 1 Joel 2:25-26
Prayer: Today don’t let people discount my experiences. Refund my wasted time, and send a rebate for the broken areas!
Day 2 Proverbs 3:9-10
Prayer: Today let me honor you with my first fruits, make a deposit into my spirit, and give me a fresh start!
Day 3 Probers 22:7
Prayer: Today redistribute wealth, revise plans, reassign
opponents, rejuvenate laborers and restore America!
Day 4 Ephesians 3:20
Prayer: Today, make outcomes better than I expected, my destiny bigger than I imagined and debt smaller than I thought.
Day 5 II Corinthians 4:7
Prayer: Today, fight my battles, negotiate all deals, protect ideals, meet all bills, and make all bodies healed!
Day 6 Psalm 77:14
Prayer: Today all I have is two fish and five loaves. Break me but not my faith. Multiply needs not lack. Make a miracle!
Day 7 Psalm 90:17
Prayer: Today, save me from a lot, give me early access, lower my price but not my value, shorten the line, and extend credit!
Day 8 II Corinth 4:16-18
Prayer: Today, drown my debts, float my ideas, don’t let me go under, let me swim through struggle and dive into destiny.
Day 9 Deuteronomy 11:14
Prayer: Today, impact the weather, Clear the sky so there’s no thunder and sent the heat to increase my harvest!
Day 10 Luke 6:28
Prayer: Today let every deception be uncovered, undo every curse, settle unpaid bills and close unfinished business.
Day 11 Ephesians 6:12
Prayer: Today pull apart pressures, apply peace, pay off my payments, push up my possibilities, and pull down principalities.
Day 12 II Corinthians 5:7
Prayer: Today remove all my economic reservations, give me clear confirmation, send fresh revelation, and prepare me for financial elevation.
Day 13 James 1:17
Prayer: Today let something good happen in my finances, send the greatest opportunity of my life and make my fiscal future better than it was
Day 14 Matthew 7:7
Prayer: Today help me make an impact, reverse the effects of my poor budgetary decisions, heighten my intuition and find investors for my ideas!
Day 15 Psalm 37:23
Prayer: Today keep my mind focused, my eyes on the prize, my hand out of the cookie jar and my feet on the right path!
Day 16 I Timothy 6:18
Prayer: Today command my finances to increase, let me be rich in good deeds, and be generous to those in need.
Day 17 Proverbs 30:8-9
Prayer: Today give me my daily bread, keep poverty far from me, and don’t put more on me than I can bear.
Day 18 Psalms 37:21
Prayer: Today let me receive my full inheritance so I won’t have to borrow from anyone, and bless the work of my hands to prosper!
Day 19 Luke 14:28
Prayer: Today give me strength to build greater reinforcements, position me to excel in business, and put my gift in demand.
Day 20 I Thess. 5:18
Prayer: Today all I want to say is Thank You!
Day 21 II Kings 4:7
Prayer: Today don’t let my debt consume me, give me another level of your anointing, and let my seed live off of my blessings!
Day 22 Proverbs 21:20
Prayer: Today help me discover my treasure, bury my doubts, keep me from losing my value, and cover me with your blessed assurance.
Day 23 Philippians 4:12
Prayer: Today unload unnecessary weights, put on me the weight of glory, and help me to wait on you.
Day 24 Luke 21:1-4
Prayer: Today Lord I surrender All, I freely give you my offering so that I may receive the richness of your grace.
Day 25 Matthew 23:19
Prayer: Today take the blinders off my eyes, allow me to see the wealth of your glory, and put me at the altar of mercy.
Day 26 Proverbs 3:27-28
Prayer: Today make me my brother’s keeper, give me a heart of gold, and compel others to give into my hands!
Day 27 Isaiah 45:6
Prayer: Today flood me with opportunities, shower down blessings, shift the dark overcast and have complete reign!
Day 28 Daniel 11:32
Prayer: Today make me an avenger, break all records, unleash my gifts, help me make a difference, make me strong!
Day 29 Number 12:6
Prayer: Today put wealth in my hands, poverty under my feet, a dream in my heart, and great vision in my eyes!
Day 30 Deuteronomy 28:4
Prayer: Today bless everyone who has my last name and shares my DNA, bless my friends who fight for me and have faith in me


  1. This is incredible! Thank you!!!

    ♥ Chymere Anais

  2. Thank you so much for sharing the details of the financial fast I will be starting today!